Promotional photo for performance LET THE BODY by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome.

from September 2021

LET THE BODYFernanda Muñoz-Newsome

LET THE BODY. Image: Anne Tetzlaff

Positioning dance as a form of transformational expression LET THE BODY (LTB) dives into the fibres, sinews and flesh of our bodies tempting out a devotional, mind loosening, re-pleasuring of our physical bodies sharing space and live electronic music. Parker’s score is entirely composed from recordings of the performers in rehearsal processed into percussive sequences. Using elements of bio-charcoal, soil, scent and smoke inside repetitive pulsing beats and bass frequencies, we are calling to re ground - re earth ourselves and those present, sifting out what no longer is needed and scattering intentions for this moment into the future.

Tuning to the memory of collective dance and rave spaces, oscillating between hypnotic sound, harmonics and opening to different moods created by sound, LTB proposes a space for deep-rave-listening as a form of presence making, encouraging a sharpening of collective perception. 

Can we rave inside? Can we rage inside - uniting these energies into a resting liveness, remembering the heat - proximity - relentlessness of the dance fuelling an ever potent presence? Memory and witnessing igniting new information through our nervous systems, senses and hormonal production.

LTB is a place for the mess and articulation of bodies, raving inside and in our chairs. A sit down inner rave. Let the music move our interior spaces, pivoting/ orienting towards others, creating connection despite the distance. 

Featuring performances from Muñoz-Newsome, Serefine1369/Jamila Johnson Small and Nissa Nishikawa with music score by Shelley Parker and lighting by Charlie Hope, LET THE BODY asks what sensations, perceptions, thoughts and chemical/hormonal/cellular changes occur through submitting to dance, deep listening and sound.



Shelley Parker is an electronic music producer, DJ and composer. Since 2001 she has performed live and played DJ sets at venues including Fabric, Berlin Atonal, Palais de Tokyo, Tresor and Tate Britain. Her music productions have been released on various labels including Entr’acte, Hessle Audio, Houndstooth, Opal Tapes and her own label, Structure. From 2016 she has produced scores for various contemporary dancers and has had her work performed at the ICA, KOKO, Marion Goodman Gallery and Oxford Contemporary.

SERAFINE1369 (previously Last Yearz Interesting Negro) is the London based artist and dancer Jamila Johnson-Small. SERAFINE1369 works with dancing as a philosophical undertaking, a political project with ethical psycho-spiritual ramifications for being-in-the-world; dancing as intimate technology. Usually based in London, they will be in residence at Martin Gropius Bau (Berlin) for 2021 and are 2019/20 Torchlight artist at Siobhan Davies Studios.

Nissa Nishikawa works with performance, poetry, sculpture and film. Her practice interprets traditional forms of dance, ritual and craft in ways that illuminate animistic and alchemical philosophies. Nishikawa often works in the open-air and studios equipped to house fire; interconnecting the layers of the arcane with the suprasensual, the living earth and various conscious inhabitants. Recent performances and exhibitions include My Meat Is Not Your Medicine (Rio Cinema, London), HOUX (På Den Anden Side Biennale, Mön, Denmark), An Organ of Omatera (Wellcome Collection, London), The HUM (Tågarp Schoolhouse, Sweden), Climate I (Landr, Tokyo) and The Divinity Play (Galerie D’art Contemporain Mohamed Drissi, Tangier, Morocco).


Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome’s practice involves dancing/voicing as divination and political gesture, presenting in institutions, outside, alternative spaces and clubs. She is interested in creating work which shifts perspectives, crafting spaces of potential, where dancing / movement, sound / music, light and attending to our environments can stimulate sensations and kinaesthetic responses in the body, allowing ourselves to tune to innate gut and bodily intelligence while in multiple attentive states.

Working with pop/punk bands, electronic music producers and artists from different genres, she has presented and performed at E-Werk Luckenwalde, ICA, Barbican, Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, South London Gallery, TATE, Store X, DRAF, Oval Space, Block Universe, Art Night, Palais de Tokyo and Sadlers Wells among others. In 2019, she received a Jerwood New Work Fund grant for her latest project INCHOATE BUZZ, performed at Sadler’s Wells in a Wild Card event she curated. She currently has a Live Work commission from David Roberts Art Foundation.



  • 11.09.21

    11/09/2021, LET THE BODY, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

    Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham


John Ellerman Foundation